Knowledge-driven Problem Solving

The Potassco AI technology is based on separating the representation of the knowledge from the implementation of the problem solution.

With the Potassco technology domain experts can focus on concisely capturing organisational knowledge, while our high performance solvers exploit this knowledge to perform the reasoning task.

The resulting knowledge base can be passed on, and ultimately put into service using the Potassco AI technology.

Traditional tools implement specific single purpose solutions, hiding the valuable domain knowledge in imperative code that is error prone and expensive to maintain.
Potassco AI tools separate the knowledge representation from the problem solving task. Instead of programmers writing and maintaining code, experts model your knowledge base. You gain a declarative representation of your knowledge that can be easily maintained, and the Potassco solver computes the solution to the modeled task. The resulting knowledge base can be the fundament for variety of related reasoning tasks and is not fixed to a single problem.

Advantage of the Potassco technology

  • You use off-the-shelf general problem solver technology that is maintained and supported by Potassco Solutions, instead of implementing and maintaining a rigid single purpose solution.a
  • The Potassco AI technology includes high performance systems for qualitative and quantitative optimization. Instead of reinventing the wheel you use proven state of the art solvers that are open source.
  • Separating knowledge and implementation earns you a concise and human readable knowledge representation that is easily adapted to changing circumstances and new reasoning tasks.

What we do

  • We capture your knowledge and formalize the problem specification.
  • We represent everything in a concise maintainable logic format.
  • Our engineers integrate your knowledge with potassco tools to automate reasoning tasks and solve optimization problems.
  • Finally, we help you create a product that benefits you and your costumers.

For more details, please consult our service page.