Knowledge is a key asset

  • Knowledge plays a vital role in modern companies and organizations, be it in production, storage, or workforce management.

  • Most crucial is the knowledge needed to accomplish creative processes, such as
    • designing a product, an assembly line, a shift schedule or timetable, or
    • planning a trip, routing vehicles, or diagnosing remote systems.
  • All of these tasks involve taking knowledgeable decisions while respecting constraints and preferences.
But how is this know-how captured, how is it maintained and passed on, and ultimately put into service?

Knowledge-driven Artificial Intelligence

Potassco AI graphic

Domain experts can focus on concisely capturing organisational knowledge, while the Potassco AI technology provides the high performance engines necessary to exploit this knowledge.

What makes our technology different?

Concise, transparent, and easily maintainable knowledge representation

Qualitative and quantitative optimization

High performance systems