Consultation and Development Services

Potassco Solutions offers a variety of services including comprehensive consultation, development and support services for Potassco AI solutions, as described below. For further inquiries and price quotations, please contact us.


Our experts offer consultation on the following topics.

  • AI technologies suited best for your use-case
  • Universal representation of your business knowledge and processes
  • AI software implementation and architectural design
  • AI interfacing/interaction with your enterprise environment
  • and much more …


Whether planning and prototyping of new systems or the extension of existing services, we provide development services for every phase of your AI project.

  • Planning your Potassco AI projects in terms of requirements and development plan
  • Supporting and augmenting your in-house projects with specific Potassco AI development skills
  • End-to-end development of Potassco AI software solutions based on your business needs
  • Cooperative development of Potassco AI software solutions for specific business sectors


To maintain your existing Potassco AI application, we offer the following support plans:

Service Basic Advanced Premium
Deployment and Updates of Potassco AI ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Contact by email, ticket system ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Contact by phone, video conference     ✔️
Response Time 5 Business Days 2 Business Days 24 Business Hours


We provide standardized or tailor-made training modules to enable your staff to understand, develop and maintain your Potassco AI implementations.

Module Content
Beginner Basic understanding of the workflow and usage of Potassco AI technology
Advanced Advanced techniques to design and maintain your Potascco AI applications
Individual Tailored towards your specific needs and applications of Potassco AI

Depending on your needs, we provide training sessions for individuals and groups via online conferencing or on-site presentation.