International Partners

Potassco Solutions is dedicated to developing and supporting a team of international affiliates. This team provides a broad range of expertise and experience in knowledge-driven Artificial Intelligence (AI) and allows Potassco Solutions to maintain an international presence. Our affiliates are able to provide expert consulting and engineering services at a local level with the backing and support of a global team.

Potassco Solutions Australia

Dr. David Rajaratnam
Sydney, Australia

We offer consulting, training, and engineering services that can provide organisations with the opportunity to understand and take advantage of the latest advances in knowledge-driven AI.

Potassco Solutions Austria

Dr. Peter Schüller
Vienna, Austria

Our expertise is focused on creating Knowledge Representations for Business Problems, and presenting data (in particular results of automated reasoning) in an understandable way.

Potassco Solutions China

Dr. Jianmin Ji
Hefei, China

We focus on giving robots the ability to reason with knowledge, applying knowledge representation and reasoning towards knowledge-driven AI.

Potassco Solutions Spain

Dr. José Pedro Cabalar Fernández
A Coruña, Spain

We develop applications of Knowledge-driven AI, oriented to problem solving and rule-based decision support systems. We focus on verifiable and optimal solutions with explainable justifications.