We are an enthusiastic team of experts in knowledge-driven Artificial Intelligence, having a strong research background in knowledge representation and reasoning. Our approach builds upon cutting-edge, open-source systems developed at the University of Potsdam and available at

Every team member brings a wealth of experience in solving knowledge-intensive combinatorial optimization problems, both in academia as well as in industry. This expertise ranges from scientific applications in biology, embedded systems, and robotics, through to entertainment systems, and industrial applications in the automotive, logistic, and transport industries.

We enjoy what we do, and can help you take your knowledge to the next level.

Javier Romero Davila, MSc
Martin Gebser, Professor
Susana Hahn, MSc
Philipp Obermeier, Dipl.-Inf.
Max Ostrowski, Dr
Nicolas Rühling, MSc
Torsten Schaub, Professor
Tobias Stolzmann, MSc
Sven Thiele, Dr
Philipp Wanko, MSc